L + H Donadea Forest Wedding


This is the story of Henry and Laura. This had to be one of our favourite Weddings so far in our travels. Henry and Laura were married on a wet and wild day in Donadea forest, Co. Kildare. And this was the very first Surprise Wedding that we have ever captured.

How do you organize a surprise wedding you ask????

Well, the couple had organised for all of their closest friends and family to be at the forest for a small naming ceremony for their youngest son, Aden. The couple even provided a map to all of the guests to make sure that everyone met at the same spot in the forest.

So on a rainy day in September, all of the guests had arrived, and all had gathered under a magnificent Oak tree in the centre of the forest. But there was no sign of Henry or Laura. Until, through the thick leaves, and to everyone’s surprise, walked a Bride and Groom, decked to the nines, with two kids in toe. And we watched a beautiful story unfold.

We hope you enjoy their story as much as we did.