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So why choose Remember This Studios?


At Remember This Studios we don't consider ourselves traditional Wedding Photographers. When we think of the original term 'Wedding Photographer', we think of an old fashioned approach to taking very posed and dated looking images. That's definitely not our style!

We are Storytellers. And the way we like to tell stories is by taking natural photos of moments that come only once in a lifetime.

We don't follow the norm when it comes to our photography. We're not going to tell you to look in this direction, or put your hand here and pretend that you're smiling. We let moments happen naturally. And we'll be there to capture them when they do.

We're two, young(ish), Irish guys who are extremely enthusiastic about our job; we just happen to have a knack for telling a good story. And we'd love the opportunity to tell yours!

Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss available dates.

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